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State Calling Championship

The Bully’s Wild Turkey Calls Pro Staff team had a blow out day at the Michigan State Championship turkey calling contest on Saturday March 7.

The Bully’s crew had 5 team members competing in four different contest’s and team members placed well in all four categories. Competing for the Bully’s team were Senior Pro Staffer’s Brent Sturtevant, John Miller and Chris Wellman. In the Junior contest the Bully’s represenatives were defending state junior champion Christian Meyers and future Bully’s star Seth Sturtevant. Christian won the junior contest for the second time in a row, just edging out Seth by six points. Way to go Bully’s Juniors! It is nice to see the Juniors dominate. Looks like the young guys are going to continue the tradition of winning on for years to come.

In the Senior State division Bully’s callers finished almost as well with New pro staff member Chris Wellman finishing in second and 5 time state champion Brent Sturtevant finishing in third. Chris and Brent both called excellent and have developed a healthy little rivalry. Both Chris and Brent have won many sanctioned calling events and both have qualified many times to compete at the grand national calling contest. It is good to see friends push each other to be better at what they enjoy.

Brent Sturtevant made his own day by competing in the open division and winning the coveted open title right after coming up a little bit short in the state. Brent had to beat out many national qualifying callers, as well as teammate Chris Wellman, to win this title. The open championship at most contests is the one that all the callers really desire to win because any calller from any state can compete in this contest. Allowing nonresident competitors raises the bar and makes already tough competition even tougher. Chris Wellman finished just out of the money taking fourth place in the open and Christian Meyers also competed against the big guns finishing with a very respectable sixth place.

In the friction competion, Brent Sturtevant was beat out by fellow Michigan competitor Vaughn Mayle for the state title. Vaughn is a national placing caller in the friction division and the Bully’s guys have made him the target of there friction efforts. Brent finished a close second giving Vaughn a run for his money.

Congratulations to the Bully’s Pro Staff team on a great Michgan state calling day. Way to make me proud to wear my Bully’s shirt. Bully’s was the only Michigan call company to have pro staff members place in any category. Out of four divisions Bully’s members took two first’s, three second’s, one third a fourth and a sixth. Way to go guys! Let’s get after them again at the next one.

Seth “Bully” McCullough