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End Of Season Offer

Well, another spring turkey season has come and gone. My season was full of highs and lows.

I started off the year guiding at the Skyquest camp in southern Iowa in early April and ended the year the last weekend in May hunting with my good friend Gary Anderson here in Michigan. As is always the case with turkey hunting, sometimes it can be very easy, and sometimes it is really tough!

We got off to a rough start in Iowa, the opening day of the season was cold, windy, and snowy.  We didn’t hear a gobble all day.  It was rough.  We had better success on the second day, but still could not get a bird in gun range.  The third and final day of Skyquest Iowa, I finally got a hot bird and called him in to 40 yards.  I promptly took a shot, missed, and ended my Iowa season bird-less.  Oh well, I am certain that I’ll have many more chances at those Iowa birds in the future.  The Iowa camp ended with only 1 of 6 hunters killing birds, but we had a great time of fellowship.  A great friend of mine accepted Christ, so that made the camp a total success!

Skyquest Nebraska was next on the list, and what a great time it was.  I spent the early part of camp hunting with my 8 year old son Caleb. We had a riot with mad gobbling birds, and although we came within inches, we did not get off a shot.  We had so much fun and it was a blast to see the look on Caleb’s face when 15- 20 birds were gobbling at daybreak. His comment to me was “Dad, this is awesome!”

When Turkey camp began, we got the news that my grandmother had fallen ill and gone to be with the Lord.  My father, the Skyquest camp administrator, had to head back to Iowa to be with family on the first night.  Things being as they were, I had to take on a lot more of the administrative duties, and I felt like I was a day late and a dollar short the whole time I was guiding.  We had many close encounters but did not kill a bird in my group.  In spite of that, the camp was a great hunting success as we had 12 hunters that killed 11 birds.  As always, God worked in hearts and we had a great time spiritually…and I loved the fellowship.

With things not going so well for me guiding at the Skyquest camps, I started the Michigan season for the first time in many years with shattered confidence.  But as I always say, if you put your time in out in the woods, eventually the Lord will bless you with success.  This year in Michigan was no exception.   I had an incredible year and called in 9 long beards to the gun.  What a great year!  Michigan turkey population numbers are through the roof in the southern part of the state, and most of the guys I know were successful.

To cap off another great year, I’ve decided to do some inventory reduction and offer a special “thank you” to my customers.  For the next month, I am offering two different mouth call packages at a reduced price. Each package will contain 3 unique mouth calls.  The price is $10.95 per package.

The first – called the Beginner 3-pack includes the Red Beard, Double Beard, and Grandma Hen. If you are a beginner or if you like to make nice Kee Kee’s for fall, this is the package for you. Click here to view the Beginner 3-pack

If you like the more raspy sounds, and are an experienced caller, then you’ll want to try the Raspy Pro 3-pack. This package includes the Black Death, White Thunder, and Blue Lightning. Click here to view Raspy Pro 3-pack

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Good luck with your fall hunting and thanks for all your support. Be sure and check back regularly as we’ve got some new things coming up on the horizon. Remember to check BullysGameCalls.com for all your turkey hunting needs.


Seth McCullough
Owner, Bullys Game Calls