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NEW! Product Videos

Hey Bully’s Fans,

We have an exciting announcement that we want to share with all of you. We have added video demonstrations to all of our product pages. So now, you can see AND HEAR all of our calls in action. Owner Seth (Bully) McCullough goes through each of his calls and gives you a sample of each call. To see the videos, just visit the product page for any of our calls, and you’ll find the videos near the bottom of the page.

Why did we do this? Well, Seth attends a number of hunting tradeshows each year. Customers are constantly saying that they would never buy a turkey call online because they can’t hear it in action before they buy it. Plus, new customers don’t always know what call to buy because they don’t know how they sound. So, it became clear to Seth that hearing the calls before buying them helps customers to know that they are buying the right call. We hope you’ll appreciate this new service.

In addition to this, we’re also putting the finishing touches on a new instructional DVD that will teach you “How To Use A Turkey Call”. This 30 minute video was shot a few weeks ago and is in the final stages of editing. The video will be available for FREE online and DVD copies will be for sale in our store. We’ll be sure and send out an email when the free video goes online.

As always, we appreciate your business. Turkey season is coming up, so be sure to let us know how you do in the field. And when you do kill that Tom, don’t forget to upload your pictures to our “Victories of the Hunt” page. Thanks again!

God Bless,

Bully’s Game Calls