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Bully’s Game Calls – The New Redneck Wrecker


Redneck WreckerBully’s Game Calls is proud to introduce a new call to the lineup for 2012.  The Redneck Wrecker is our all new aluminum over aluminum call.  Bully has been working on the sound of this call for a long time and has finally got what he was looking for.

The Redneck Wrecker features a laser engraved anodized aluminum top with an aluminum sound board. The call has a high front end and a very good raspy breakover. The call is very loud and the backside of the call features a slate call just like the other pot calls in the Bully’s lineup. Use the top for loud, raspy calls and use the slate on the back for quiet, close in work. It is sure to impress even the most picky peg and pot users.

To purchase or view the Redneck Wrecker, just click here or contact us by phone @ 616-204-3060.

Thanks for your interest in Bully’s Game Calls and best of luck this spring!