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New Deer Calling App

Deer Calls Pro App

I wanted to take a minute and let you all know about a new smartphone app that is now available in the App Store (iPhone) and on Google Play (Android).  Deer Calls Pro is a new deer calling app created by Bully’s Game Calls pro-staffer, Brian VanHeuverswyn.

Use the app to teach yourself how to call like the pros, or use the app to call in deer for you (where legal). Deer Calls Pro plays all of the most common deer calls.

In addition to the call sound, you’ll also receive a description of each call which explains when and why deer use it. With 11 of the most popular deer calls, you’ll have everything you need to teach yourself how to call deer like the experts.

With this app, and plenty of practice, you’ll be bringing terror to the deer woods near you!

To download for the iPhone/iPod, search for us in the AppStore, or simply click here to view it in the Apple AppStore.

To download for Android, simply search for the app in Google Play, or click here to access it in the Android Market.

If you like the app, be sure and rate it…and please tell your friends!

Thanks for being a Bully’s Game Calls customer and happy hunting this fall season!

All the best,

Seth McCullough
Bully’s Game Calls