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How To Use A Turkey Call

You asked, and we delivered! Each and every time we attend an outdoors tradeshow, we get tons of questions about how to use our calls. So we decided to create an instructional video that teaches you how to use turkey calls and that showcases our Bully’s calls.

Seth (Bully) McCullough – owner of Bully’s Game Calls – takes you through how to use mouth calls, box calls and glass calls. We’ve broken the video up into 4 parts so that you can watch only what interests you.

We’re also working on a DVD version of this video that will be for sale in our online store. As an added bonus, the DVD will have several turkey hunts on it. We’re excited about the upcoming release of this DVD. Be sure and contact us if you have any questions.

How To Use A Turkey Call, Part 1 – Mouth Calls
Bully goes through mouth call basics and shows you what you need to know to start using mouth calls.

How To Use A Turkey Call, Part 2 – Bully’s Mouth Call Lineup
Bully goes through each of his mouth calls and gives you details of each call along with a demonstration.

How To Use A Turkey Call, Part 3 – Box Calls
Bully shows you the box call basics and gives you detail about the Bully’s box call lineup.

How To Use A Turkey Call, Part 4 – Glass Calls
In this video, Bully shows you glass and slate call basics. He also showcases the new Hookbuster 3 glass call and gives you a demonstration.