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Charles Heinz

Chuck credits his love for God’s creation to his father. His father always took the time to instruct him in not only a love and respect for the outdoors, but also how to be successful in the hunting woods. It is this instruction that pushes Chuck to share and instruct others in how to not only be successful in the woods, but to love every moment that they are in woods.

Chuck is an avid bowhunter and loves to hunt whitetail deer and wild turkey in the great state of Michigan. He has hunted turkey for nine years and has been blessed to be able to harvest eight toms during that time. He has also called in numerous birds for other hunters. Chuck is also an avid bass tournament fisherman during the summer months.

Chuck currently lives in West Michigan with his wife, and son. Chuck’s goal is to instruct many individuals in how to be successful in the turkey woods, as well as how to develop the necessary personality traits to be successful and love their time in the woods.

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