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Dr. Jack McCullough

Jack’s love of hunting and the outdoors comes honestly. “I can remember walking along with my dad hunting raccoons and pheasants long before I could carry a firearm of any kind. Opening day of pheasant season was always ‘ours’, my dad’s and mine. We only missed it once due to inclement weather. That is why I still love hunting so much.”

Hunting remains a passionate past time. Wild turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, and deer hunting are priorities. Hunting wild turkeys is a highlight of the year. “I got this interest through my son, Seth. He is almost fanatic about turkey hunting, to the point of establishing his own call making company, Bully’s Game Calls.”

God blessed Jack with an especially productive season in 2010. He was able to take six turkeys in the spring season. These successful hunts included the states of Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Three of the “Wild Turkey Slam” subspecies were harvested. These subspecies were the Rio Grande, the Merriam’s, and the Eastern. “Now I am looking for a chance to take an Osceola in Florida. That would complete the slam.” Archery hunting is a growing interest and Jack has experienced success by taking two bucks and a doe.

The real passion of Jack’s life is Jesus Christ. He accepted the forgiveness of sin that God offers in Christ at the age of 6. He was later baptized as a believer in the family farm pond. “My goal in life is to make God famous. That is how I define glorifying God.”

He was born and raised on a farm in Southern Iowa. His wife Mary and he have been married for 42 years. Mary is an active part of his ministry and life. She serves as the Office Manager of Ideal Weigh in Sioux Falls. Four children and now eight grandchildren continue to enrich their life together.

Jack currently serves as the Regional Director of the Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen Plus of Sioux Falls. He has been the lead pastor of local churches much of his adult life. He has served churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and then in Iowa.

His educational achievements include a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and Industry from Kansas State University, a Master of Divinity from Biblical Theological Seminary, and he completed a Doctor of Ministry at Liberty Theological Seminary graduating on May 7, 2007. His thesis addresses outdoor ministry. Its title is Evangelism on Target: A Proposal to Use Hunting and Fishing as Means to Evangelism and Discipleship. McCullough served as a chaplain in the US Army National Guard and the US Army Reserves for over 13 1/2 years.

Jack enjoys helping churches and organizations plan game dinners and other outdoor ministries that introduce people to Jesus Christ. God has blessed and given success as he has shared about dogs, pheasant hunting, and especially wild turkey hunting at game dinners and outreach events in the past few years. His aim is to clearly share the gospel of Jesus Christ in every presentation. He is available to speak at your group’s event, at churches, and in other venues.

Contact information for Dr. Jack McCullough:
1601 E 69th Street, Suite 200, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
(605) 271-7333 (office)
(605) 413-7292 (cell)
Email: jmccullough@fcsplus.org

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