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John Arbogast

John has been in the woods or on the water since the age of 1 ½ when he caught his first bass with his mom and dad. As a small boy, he went rabbit hunting with his dad while carrying his Daisy BB gun. In these young years, his father taught him how to trout fish, and later how to bow hunt for deer.

John first tried turkey hunting when he moved to Virginia 25 years ago to attend Liberty University. After his first hunt with a hunting partner, John was “hooked”. Within a few years, he was calling and harvesting birds on his own, but not without hard work. This was a lesson well learned from several toms along the way.

John’s outdoor passions are bow hunting, fishing for steel head, salmon, trout, walleye, and hunting turkeys. His biggest thrill is teaching and taking people into the outdoors for the first time. Aside from hunting and fishing, John finds it especially rewarding to bring new outdoorsmen into the joy of nature. In the past three years, he has lived out this thrill with his teenage daughter. Two years in a row, they shot doubles while John did the calling.

John now lives in Muskegon, Michigan where he resides with his lovely wife and two wonderful children.

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