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Scott Vines

A native of Michigan, Scott Vines lives in Southwestern Michigan on the big pond just 8 miles from the Indiana line. He is active in the outdoors and in his community. Scott is a hunter safety instructor and head coach for the high school wrestling team. Currently, he is also serving as the Vice President of the Berrien County Trophy Toms, the local chapter of the N.W.T.F. and he is also a member of the Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association.

Scott is a hunting fanatic. He has been to Colorado for elk, Wyoming for antelope, South Dakota for merriam’s and the good ole U.P. of Michigan for black bear and wild hogs just to name a few. However, his passion always brings him back to the spring woods for the elusive wild turkey.

Scott began hunting turkey with a buddy in 1996, going up north to chase birds to no avail. With goose bumps running down his arms and the hair standing on the back of his neck, Scott heard his first wild turkey gobble. After that, he began teaching himself to use mouth diaphram calls and was able to harvest his first tom in 2000.

If Scott isn’t hunting, he’s helping others. He has helped many friends and family members harvest their first turkeys and doing so has generated some wonderful memories for himself and others. Of the wild turkey experience, Scott says, “I guess theres nothing like the adrenaline rush that comes with the run and gun of hunting wild turkey’s”.
Scott has also been in several calling contests around the state and enjoyed meeting some of the friendliest people that share the same interests that he does.

Along with his girlfriend and her son, Scott also enjoys camping, fishing and shed antler hunting. Getting out to fish coho/steelhead in the early spring also lets him enjoy boating on the St. Joseph River.

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