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Beginner 3 Pack (app)

For a limited time only!

We've packaged these three calls together for those who might be beginners when it comes to turkey hunting or mouth calling. These 3 calls are our simplest to use yet still very functional in the field. This package includes:

Red Beard - Our easiest mouth call to use. Very user-friendly with two reeds and a boss hen cut on one side. Excellent for two-note yelps, clucks, purrs and high pitched whistles.

Double Beard - A two reed split-vee call with a heavy gray top reed. This is a smooth yelping machine.

Grandma Hen - A three reed call with the classic boss hen cuts. Built with three clear premium latex reeds that work well for all kinds of turkey talk.

This package will only be available for a short time. So buy now while you can!
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