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Bully's Hookbuster 3

Bully has introduced the new Hookbuster 3. This call features the same multi-functional capabilities as the Hookbuster 2, but is much more durable and has a much deeper, higher quality sound.

The Hookbuster 3 was featured in the March 2010 issue of Field & Stream magazine. The editors chose the Hookbuster 3 as the number one call in their Turkey Call Roundup.

The main surface is a glass call which produces sharp, clear yelps and clucks. It will produce authentic purrs and cackles as well. The rear of the call reveals a slate soundboard which gives this call the secondary function of a slate call. This slate surface may be used to make the deeper yelps of the gobbler, jake or mature hen. It is easier to purr and cut on this surface. The slate surface on the Hookbuster 3 is raised and flush mounted to the rear of the call to make it easier to use.

The body of the call is solid black walnut or cherry and is handmade exclusively by us for our customers.

This is a sweet call that can be used for locating birds or toned down for close in work. The walnut version ships with a purple heart peg in the striker. This is an extremely durable, good looking call that is sure to be a real workhorse in the woods!

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